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Already fullfilled wishes


Anne has been suffering from a rare disease for years and the Wonschstär Foundation has paid Anne an acupuncture treatment that alleviates her suffering.

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As part of the Eschweiler project, Stefanie (6 years old) has the desire to learn to swim. We will henceforth organize and fund swimming lessons in Wiltz.

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Liya flew with her two children, Yabsbar and Mali, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, to Ethiopia in order to visit the family.

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Kannerhaus Jonglenster

At the end of October, “Wonschstär” fulfilled another wish. A group of young people between 14 and 17 from the youth centre in Junglinster wanted to watch the musical “The Lion King” in Hamburg.

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Isabelle, divorced, 3 children is currently domiciled in a home for women in distress. Her wish was to have a foot care training and receive a diploma.

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Ralf has had little luck in his life so far. As part of our project with the organization “Stëmm vun der Strooss” Ralf touched us with his tragic fate. His biggest wish: to spend a few days in the mountains and to take pictures of nature, landscapes and animals. No sooner said than done!

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Dental problems are common and increase with age. This is also the case for Sonia, who is being followed by “Stëmm vun der Strooss”.

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Noah, aged 13, adopted at the age of 2 and living in Luxembourg with his little brother and mother. He lost his dad of leukemia a few years ago.

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Jeff has an autism spectrum disorder. He does not speak much and he can’t express himself clearly which involves that he has no contact with friends of his age.

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Dylan is a little boy of 3 years of age who goes through a hard life. He suffers from extremely difficult epileptic attacks. These attacks come mostly at night, are hard to manage and keep his family from sleeping. Because such sleepless nights weigh heavy on Dylan‘s...

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Mr Almann

We came to know Mr. Almann due to our project with the „Stemm vun der Strooss“ from Esch/Alzette, an organization which helps homeless people. As Mr. Almann isn‘t the youngest anymore his only wish was to get a room at a retirement home.

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