At foundation Wonschstär it is our mission to help people whose lives have greatly been affected by illness, accident or other strokes of fate. It is our basic belief that everyone should have the possibility to “fulfill their dreams”.

Unfortunately, this universal right is not a given for everyone, and thus we have made it our mission to assist and support those people who have partially or completely given up the hope to ever fulfill their life goals and dreams. In order for dreams not to remain dreams only, great moments and a positive outlook on the future are the best medicine to regain hope and strength.

Our foundation wants to instill the belief that if one really wants to, one can achieve tremendous things in life and that one should never give up hope.

If you wish to be a part of this amazing cause you can do so through volunteering and contacting us via e-mail, or you can make a donation to our foundation.

We thank you very much and are looking forward to every help that we can get.

FFP2 Masken

In the squad of the coronavirus we were asked for support and gave away a large number of FFP2 masks to the " Cent Butték " from Beggen an to the " Stëmm vun der Strooss " in Esch-sur-Alzette. Therefore also the socially disadvantaged citizens have a possibility to...

Famill Kluge

For some time we have been in contact with the Kluge family, a single mother with six children. At the moment she is being cared for by a social worker from the Attorney General's Office and we were contacted by her because of an emergency. One day the family's car...


After we have already supported Rigobert in the past with one or the other wish, he has asked us for a new favor. A serious traffic accident about 20 years ago was Rico Bert's fate and left him in a wheelchair. Since this heavy blow Rigobert is a quadriplegic, i.e....

Youth Hostel

The Wonschstär Foundation has helped a family that is currently in a difficult social situation. Since this family has been given notice to leave their apartment and will only be able to move into their new home in a few weeks, the family will of course have to find...


Mrs. Kluge, mother of 6 children, single parent, because abandoned by her husband. Independent professional masseuse, but due to COVID, out of work! The Wonschstär Foundation was contacted by a social worker from the Public Prosecutor's Office in order to support this...

Lara Hippocampe

A smile says more than a thousand words! Lara, 14 years old, has been mentally and physically handicapped since birth. Nevertheless, she is a lovely girl and full of joy of life. She enjoys being in contact with her classmates and loves to hike with her parents and...


Sally sent us an email a few months ago about her mother who is very ill: "I'm telling my mother's story for the simple reason that my mother wants to be happy for as long as she has left, and that she doesn't have to go away sad. Her biggest wish would be a trip to...


The philosophy of the happy patient! Steve has had multiple sclerosis for several years. His legs don't carry him very well anymore, he has relapses, dizziness and headaches regularly. But despite his physical fragility and precarious state of health, he has...

Family K.

A family in search of a new and safe home The association ALAN contacted us and drew our attention to the situation of a family from the Congo who is looking for security and future in Luxembourg. This family has encountered many unplanned administrative, legal and...

Kannerhaus Grevenmacher

One of Covid19's mottos is to stay at home as much as possible! Not always easy for children from the children home in Grevenmacher! One of the educators, Mr Jean Nyssen, had a great idea: a music project with a group of children from 5 to 12 years old! The aim of...

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